Project Description

Disco Elysium

We began working with Studio ZA/UM on its ground-breaking, genre-bending, utterly bonkers RPG during Spring 2018, not long after it changed its title from ‘No Truce With The Furies’ to Disco Elysium. Dead Good was the only agency representing the game on a global level to media and content creators, so were able to focus on a clear strategy with the production team that focused primarily on activity at launch (although media and influencers were steered towards the game during its appearance at consumer shows in the run up).

With the game being an extensive experience and the review build being tweaked right up to its date launch in October 2019, Dead Good adopted a media review strategy of not issuing an embargo. We actively encouraged people to play the game through to completion before critiquing, so alleviating the need to rush through the game for an unrealistic review date. The steady drip of reviews was complimented by widespread global content creator coverage with some of the biggest streaming names who shared their experiences with the enthralling narrative with their eager audience.

Following the successful launch, Disco Elysium has been nominated and won countless Game of the Year awards, including 7 BAFTA Games Awards nominations. Dead Good also renewed its collaborative relationship with the studio for future updates on the game.

Our Results

Disco Elysium is currently sitting at a 90% Metacritic average, including 100% scoring reviews from Gamespot and Gameblog, 96% from IGN, 95% from GRY Online, RPG Fan, JeuxActu, 94% from Meristation, 92% from PC Gamer and Multiplayer.